Mental-health PSAs even creepier with dolls

Speaking of things not for the faint of heart, here's yet another creepy European PSA. (Is there another kind?) This one's for the network of Children's Hospitals in Finland, and focuses on the mental health of abused children. As if the topic itself weren't weighty enough, the agency—King in Helsinki—goes for the all-out horror-movie vibe, complete with sinister music and a frightening-looking doll, which the girl treats badly, as she herself has obviously been treated. Before long, Craig T. Nelson will show up, they'll start experiencing paranormal activity, and they'll realize that, you son of a bitch, you moved the headstones but you left the bodies! The ad calls for donations to the Children's Hospitals, which may end up going to treat worsening cases of pediophobia.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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