Men’s Wearhouse Begins New Era by Taking Pride in Its Past

First founder-free brand ad from L.A. agency Phenomenon

Here it is, the first official Men's Wearhouse brand ad since the departure of iconic founder George Zimmer and the hiring of Phenomenon in Los Angeles as the retailer's new agency of record. (Last month, we got a bit of a sneak peek with a brief spot promoting the chain's charitable effort, the National Suit Drive.) The new spot, "Walk of Fame," is a retrospective of suit fashion through the decades since the store's founding in 1973. It's a fun watch, fueled by The Heavy's track, "What Makes a Good Man?" But I'm not sure the tagline—"For 40 years we've been helping men dress like gentlemen"—really fits in an ad where a guy keeps sleazily spinning around to eye hot women with a level of blatant ogling that went out of fashion long before most of these suits did.