Men Read Mean Tweets About Female Sportswriters, and Are Shocked at How Dark It Gets

Harassment that's #MoreThanMean

If you think you've been exposed to the most vile behavior the internet has to offer, you need to spend more time browsing replies to female sports journalists. From creepy "flirting" to reprehensible, incessant threats of rape and abuse, many women covering sports are targeted daily with disgusting comments that no one would ever say out loud. 

Because it's often directed at the journalists through Twitter replies seen by few except the women themselves, most sports fans never see the extent of the depravity. Now the team behind the podcast Just Not Sports has created a video to help bring the issue to light. 

The video, titled #MoreThanMean, takes the tried-and-true approach of having people read mean tweets. Except this time, instead of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves, each man reads other people's tweets aimed at the woman sitting across from him. 

Quickly, the men realize the comments about sportswriters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro aren't just bad. They're disturbing, vile and gleefully violent. 

"In reading the statements out loud to women journalists, guys are forced to experience, sometimes for the first time, the shocking online harassment happening to women in sports day in, day out," the Just Not Sports team wrote in a blog post about the project. "It serves as proof most sports fans would NEVER say these things to another person—so we shouldn't type this garbage, either."

The video was filmed and edited by One Tree Forest Films, a Chicago-based

production company. It was directed by Chad Cooper. 

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