A memo from Steve Jobs to Lee Clow

“Great work on the Dylan spot!
It paid for itself in free media mentions. Oh, would you happen to know
the definition of this term: ‘sellout’? Or ‘shill’? How about
‘corporate traitor to the Woodstock Generation?’ Those kinds of things
keep popping up in news coverage of the campaign. I asked Bob, but he
just plays that damn harmonica into the phone. What a clown. Anyway, I
just had an idea that’ll blow you away. How about a Sara Lee crossover
with the Mac and PC guys? That way, you can reuse those white backdrops
you’re so famous for. The campaigns look identical anyway, and we can
save a bundle by splitting the production costs. Get this: PC eats devil’s
food cake. Get it? It just came to me—like that time I thought up the
personal computer but IBM stole my idea. Or else, we can remake the ‘1984’
commercial with John Hodgman as Big Brother. He’s the bad guy, right? I never read the book, and we only had
Van Halen on iTunes. P.S.: The replacement battery’s in the mail.”

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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