Memo to marketers: Stay out of Boston!

We in Boston clearly cannot handle these newfangled promotional stunts. They make us nervous … downright edgy. I can barely peck this out on the keyboard, what with the sweaty palms and trembling fingertips. A month ago, the metro area went into a bomb-scare tizzy over a campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Then, last week, Dr Pepper suggested that a $1 million coin was hidden in a Colonial-era burial ground—the resting place of John Hancock (his memorial is shown here), Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, no less—and consumers showed up with shovels. (Thankfully, no patriots—or “brewer patriots,” in Adams’s case—were disturbed.) Call us provincial, but we don’t like cartoon-image generators that may resemble bombs, and we prefer to let our dead rest in peace. Now, there is a progressive town that knows how to mix morbidity and marketing. It’s the home of cheese steak, Rocky Balboa and the 1976 Flyers, and it has plenty of historic graveyards for product tie-ins.

—Posted by David Gianatasio