Mellencamp: I had to sell out to Chevy

If I ever wore a hat, I’d take it off to John Mellencamp right now. After the two or three critics who still give a shit about his career criticized him for giving the song “Our Country” to Chevrolet, he didn’t soberly reflect on his “environmentally conscious liberal beliefs” and admit he sold them down the river. No. He defended his decision by explaining that while he still doesn’t think artists should sell their songs to advertisers, his career is in the tank, and this is the only way for him to reach new people. The exact quote is: “For a guy my age, there’s no place for our music to be heard. These records take too long [to make] … and they’re too hard to do, and why would you want to do them unless people are going to hear them?” If Mellencamp’s music had this much balls, he wouldn’t have a problem reaching my generation. For those who are interested, “Our Country” is on Mellencamp’s new CD, Freedom’s Road, released Tuesday—and Amazon says it “sounds richer and more powerful than it has as a truck commercial.”

—Posted by David Kiefaber