Meeting Yourself Isn’t Altogether Pleasant in Australian Insurance Ads

Theme has been done better before

People meet healthier versions of themselves in Clemenger BBDO's campaign for Bupa, an Australian insurance company. Man, I hate when that happens, especially if my healthier self is also better dressed than I am. As various commenters have noted, the "meet yourself" motif was handled more effectively in commercials for Medibank Health and Lincoln Financial, among others. Still, the derivative nature of the Bupa work isn't its main problem. What I object to most is that it tries hard to be clever, deep and riveting, but despite its convincing visuals, just ends up a confusing mess. It's kind of tough to figure out exactly what's going on because the tricky premise is never hammered home with authority, nor definitively linked to the brand message. Are we sure these folks are meeting themselves? Maybe they're second cousins twice removed. Viewers who aren't paying close attention could almost assume these are ads for a service reuniting long-separated family members. The tagline asks, "What would you do if you met the healthier version of yourself?" For the record, I'd ask Hale & Hearty Dave to cover for me at work. I'm feeling a little under the weather.