Meet the Oddball Characters From Mother's New Burger King Campaign

John the Manager gets some friends

Mother yesterday was named lead creative agency on Burger King. Today, the shop released some new ads for the fast-food chain—a :30 and two :15s pushing breakfast items. Long gone are the days when the King would suggestively wake up in bed next to you. But that doesn't mean Mother's campaign will be oddball-free. "Set within the walls of the Burger King home, its restaurant, viewers learn about the new breakfast items while meeting a soon-to-be recurring cast of characters joining the familiar cast of employees including affable patriarch of the Burger King family John the Manager," the agency tells us. John the Manager, of course, appeared in Mother's BK ads last year, including the David Beckham one. We only get a glimpse of the new characters here, but they appear to include a Muppet, a cheerleader mom, a cowboy, a security guard, a park ranger (who is carrying a deer baby kangaroo and has a parrot on her shoulder) and—hiding in the back—an astronaut. There is no Internet hacker. The spots are less eccentric than the cast would indicate, though—in fact, they're borderline corny. But we'll have to see more work to really get the tone. These first spots push two items in particular: Arabica coffee for 25 cents and the Gouda Bacon Sandwich. See the :15s after the jump.