Meet the New Voice of the Aflac Duck

Dan McKeague quacks his way to a new gig

It doesn't look like a duck, but it quacks like a duck, and that's all that matters to Aflac. After a monthlong search, the insurance company has chosen 36-year-old Dan McKeague of Hugo, Minn., as the new voice of its famously loud-mouthed water-fowl mascot—having fired the inimitably annoying Gilbert Gottfried after he tweeted out stupid jokes about Japan after the earthquake. "I have long admired people who can act and make the most of their voice and have tried to emulate them," says McKeague, who has done lots of voiceover work in Minneapolis. "I want to thank Aflac for the incredible honor of voicing the greatest icon in corporate America and representing a company that not only leads its industry but also leaves a positive social imprint in every community it serves."