Meet Adam Reposa: Lawyer, Patriot, Champion, Maker of Insane Ads

Do not get in the way of his truck

Witness this ludicrous commercial for Texas lawyer Adam Reposa titled "Lawyer, Patriot, Champion," wherein he rams his giant Chevy into a Chrysler Cirrus, kicks in the window and repeatedly yells, "I AM A LAWYER!!!" According to Reposa, who is indeed a lawyer: "What happened was: I had a concept for an ad that was going to be pretty simple. I've shot and edited it. It was supposed to be very simple: 'I'm Adam Reposa. I am a lawyer. Don't get in the way of my truck.' " The state bar of Texas ruled earlier this year that the ad couldn't air because it showed "behavior unfitting of a lawyer." But it went viral online, and as Reposa explained on the Texas Lawyer Blog, "Now, everyone loves it." Of course, there are always two sides to a story. Bob Ray, the filmmaker hired to direct the commercial, says his friendship with Reposa has soured since the video went viral and a network contacted Reposa to make a reality show, sans Ray. Ray also admits to having been drunk during the editing. No clue if a reality show is coming anytime soon, but you can see more of Reposa in Ray's movie Total Badass (link is NSFW) about Reposa's assistant, Chad Holt—a big-dicked cokehead who raises guinea pigs for show. Via Jalopnik.