Mediocre cartoon reborn as mediocre film

How fitting that a guy no one’s heard of — Adrian Askarieh
is looking to produce a movie based on a cartoon that most people have
forgotten. Yes, we’re talking about the latest attempt to bring Jonny Quest to the big screen. Askarieh, who produced Spy Hunter
and Hack/Slash, is a childhood fan of the cartoon, which aired from
and wasn’t all that good. Even the 1990s relaunch was subpar, as the
newer version couldn’t decide between a futuristic setting or the Cold War
antiquity of the original. Really, we should accept Quest as a corny relic with
enough memorable quirks to seep into current pop culture via The
Venture Brothers
and Family Guy. That’s hardly an unjust or ill-fitting legacy for a
cartoon whose little remaining charm will be lost on Hollywood anyway. Although
to be fair, it’s still a better idea than Ace Ventura Jr. UPDATE: It’s also a better idea than this.

—Posted by David Kiefaber