McNuggets rapper seeking a good woman

By now, you’ve probably seen this Chicken McNuggets rap from comedy duo Fernando and Thomas. Joe Jaffe stumbled upon it on YouTube a year ago, and Arnold in Boston recently sold it through to McDonald’s. (It’s now airing approximately every four minutes during Yankee games in New York.) Neil Cavuto of Fox News tracked down Fernando (the dude on the left) for an interview—click here and scroll down to the “Business of Entertainment” section. Fernando says he and Thomas came up with the rap before a comedy show, began using it as their opening sketch, and then filmed it. He won’t reveal how much McDonald’s paid for it, but he seems interested in fame at least as much as fortune. “I’m waiting for a beautiful woman to say, ‘Hey, I know who you are,’ ” he says. Thomas is not interviewed, but he does reaffirm an advertising truism exhibited earlier by the guy who lived out of his Nissan: It doesn’t hurt to look like Napoleon Dynamite.