McEnroe is back, but who is the umpire?

This new AmEx ad with John McEnroe, airing during the U.S. Open, is a fun way to dramatize the card’s dispute-resolution services. But it leaves you wanting to know more about the umpire McEnroe visits—supposedly a nemesis of his from the ’85 U.S. Open. It sounds like he calls him Klaus Umlaut, which would mean he shares a cartoony name with a scary Joel Veitch creation. AmEx’s behind-the-scenes video, included on the site, isn’t any help either. This is going to bother me every 1.3 minutes during the coverage now, which is about how often the commercial runs. Meanwhile, here’s another amusing new McEnroe ad, this one for Tesco in the U.K., in which McEnroe and Björn Borg get competitive at the grocery store.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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