McDonald’s Tends to the Fields in Ads About Growers

Documentary style spots look great, but are they hard to swallow?

With brands like Chipotle and Frito-Lay garnering goodwill through campaigns about their locally sourced foods, you can't really blame McDonald's for trying the same trick. And while critics are already lining up to trash the burger chain for feigning wholesomeness, you have to admit that the new documentary-style spots from DDB Chicago are beautifully shot and surprisingly compelling. Check out one, featuring a potato farmer, below. Two more, about lettuce and beef, are posted after the jump. "We've struggled for several years with the perception of our food," McDonald's spokeswoman Danya Proud tells the Financial Times. "People don't think we use real ingredients." Of course, the same writeup then quotes a nutritionist who says the campaign "creates this romanticized pastoral idea that McDonald's mass-produced French fries are no different than going to a farmer's market, buying a potato and frying it in a pan in your home." Actually, you can try making McDonald's fries at home, as long as you have a lot of time and highly calibrated kitchen equipment on hand.