McDonald’s Made the Artsy-Fartsiest Ads for the Big Mac With Bacon

Like a fashion company's exclusive collection

OK, who ordered the Big Mac with cheeky, black-and-white, faux-artsy advertising—and bacon? Your burger’s ready!
McDonald’s Canada is promoting its “Big Mac x Bacon Limited Edition Collaboration” with madcap monochrome commercials that present pretentious cultural “experts” with exaggerated accents waxing philosophical over the union of two all-beef patties and strips of salt cured pork. (Of course, the collaboration isn’t really so limited, as you can always ask for bacon on your Big Mac, but that’s all part of the joke.)
“We took inspiration from how a fashion company might launch an exclusive collection,” saysMcDonald’s Canada chief marketing officer Antoinette Benoit.
In the first ad below, we’re told the menu item represents “the combination of two greats, two powerhouses, fusing two different ideologies.”

In fact, according to this next spot, the Big Mac x Bacon has much to teach us, such as “cooperation, togetherness, oneness—being separate, too … crispyness.”

Heck, the sandwich is like “cross-pollin-IZZZ-acion,” or something:

Ultimately, it’s a “tempestuous tango” of tastes “full of fire, passion, unexpected movements”:

Yeah, slam down a few of these things, and you can expect a movement all right.
“The wardrobe session was one of the most fun parts of the production,” says Peter Ignazi, creative chief at Cossette, which cooked up the campaign, its second serving of wacky work for the “Big Mac x Bacon” promotion in as many years.
“We had the actors try on countless ridiculous looks, but most of our wardrobe choices didn’t come close to matching what they wore to casting. So for many of them, what you see them wearing is exactly how they came in. One of the characters on social actually made his own clothes—a grey utilitarian jumpsuit with clear plastic vest.”
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, the spots launched during the Canadian telecast of the Super Bowl. Their appearance followed a week of brief, oblique “BMXB” videos and outdoor elements which, Ignazi says, were designed to lampoon the big-hype campaigns of sneaker culture and hip-hop music.
“We even teased the drop date with cryptic imagery like the next Yeezy or Drake album to really push the absurdity of it all,” Ignazi says.

While amusing, this new work feels pretty familiar. After all, brands have poked fun at the self-important stylings of couture/cosmetics/spirits ads many times through the years.
Still, the approach seems apt.
McDonald’s itself represents bland, though for many folks supremely satisfying, lowest-common-denominator fare. Much the same can be said for these ads. What better stuff for this particular marketer to feed a mass audience?
Client: McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited
Chief Marketing Officer & SVP: Antoinette Benoit
Senior Advertising & Media Manager: Hope Bagozzi
Senior Marketing Manager: Jean Guillaume Bertola
National Marketing Manager: Rebecca Smart
Regional Marketing Supervisor: Mélissa Hains
National External Communications Manager: Adam Grachnik
Agency: Cossette
Title: Big Mac x Bacon Limited Edition Collaboration
Chief Creative Officers: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi
Group Creative Director: Simon Clancy
Creative Directors: Ed Morris, Troy McGuinness, Patrick Michaud
Art Director: Spencer Dingle
Copywriters: Jordan Hamer, Ben Duquette
Designers: Oleg Portnoy, Eric Wood
Agency Producers: Barb Gibson, Marie-Pier Poulin
Content Strategist: Youri Hollier
Director, Strategy: Jon Crowley
VP, Strategy: Scott McKay
Account Executives: Yvonne Li, Michaela Crompton
Account Supervisor: Asmait Hailu
Account Director: Lindsay Mertiri
Group Account Director: Serene Gaspar
SVP, Managing Director: Kathy McGuire
Product Manager: Chloe Drolet
Studio Director: Raquel Mullen
Senior Retoucher: Trevor Gauthier
Senior Production Artist: Graham Washer
Senior Digital Project Manager: Jeff Maynard
Production House: FRANK Content
Director: Craig Brownrigg
Line Producer: Marie Robertson
Executive Producer: Danielle Kappy
Director of Photography: Stuart Campbell
Food Stylists: Carol Brown, Noah Witenoff

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