McDonald's Fabricates Awkward Internet Meme With #Shamrocking

Pose like a poor man's Captain Morgan

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McDonald's recently failed spectacularly with a hashtag-based campaign, #McDStories, which became a bashtag when people hijacked it to tell some of the most unpleasant and disgusting McDonald's stories ever. Undaunted, McDonald's is trying again, this time with #Shamrocking, tied to the ever-popular mint-flavored Shamrock Shake, reintroduced around St. Patrick's Day. Work That Matters points us to this sponsored post on BuzzFeed, introducing the concept. "Have You Tried #Shamrocking Yet?" reads the headline, followed by this copy: "The Irish jig has been an expression of joy since the 16th century, and thanks to the hot new viral trend of #Shamrocking, it's making a modern day comeback.



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