McDonald’s: Kids love those Hummer toys

Mcdonalds_5So, about that McDonald’s toy Hummer promotion we wrote about last month: Enviroblog points us to McDonald’s corporate responsibility blog, where McDonald’s vp Bob Langert addresses concerns about it. “Most importantly, I do not see this promotion as a reflection of our commitment to strategies that will conserve non-renewable resources and reduce the environmental footprint of our restaurant business—and our supply chain,” he writes. He isn’t apologizing; he seems to be saying the promotion simply exists outside of McDonald’s environmental efforts. But then he writes: “Our company, including my staff, is deeply committed to the whole scope of corporate responsibility issues, including environmental protection. So I polled my staff who have or had children. One of them said her children enjoy the little Hummer replicas as toys, just as many kids like toy trucks, regardless of make or model. She drives a MiniCooper, walks with her children to get groceries, bicycles with them on weekends, etc. Another said her grandchildren absolutely love the toy Hummers—that they’re fun. Of course, there’s nothing scientific about this poll, but I think it makes an important point. Looked at through children’s eyes, the miniature Hummers are just toys, not vehicle recommendations or a source of consumer messages about natural resource conservation, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.” So there you have it. This promotion is not intended to benefit Hummer in any way. It’s all about making the kids happy. As Enviroblog says, this is either naive or disingenuous.

—Posted by Tim Nudd