McCain masks doing no better than McCain

With the dismal economy providing an extra incentive for people to escape from reality, a whopping two-thirds of Americans say they will celebrate Halloween this year, and worsen their own personal economic situation by spending nearly $67 per person doing so, according to research by groups that are way too into this particular holiday. Consumer spending on Halloween 2008 will rise to $5.8 billion, up more than $700 million from last year. That’s a lot of pumpkins, mini Milky Way bars and Jason masks! And speaking of, Barack Obama masks are outselling John McCain masks nationwide by about 57 percent to 43 percent. That’s somewhat surprising, as McCain is a much scarier candidate, and it pretty much deals the Arizona senator a defeat in the last contest he realistically had a chance of winning. I haven’t decided on my costume yet. Some co-workers have suggested I’d make a great Sarah Palin, but I suspect they just want to plaster my image on the Web or add it to my "Bad Hire" file in human resources. Besides, I like to give the heels and stockings a rest at least one day of the year!

—Posted by David Gianatasio