M&C Saatchi stitches up cyberbullying PSA

M&C Saatchi has contributed to the "weird child imagery" trend in marketing with this creepy U.K. anti-cyberbullying spot. Like many similar ads, it was banned from TV for being too disturbing. Something about a girl stitching her mouth shut just irks people, it seems. The ad will run in movie theaters, though, and stills will appear on billboards to alert kids that they have resources to prevent cyberbullying. Apart from leaving the computer alone and going outside, that is. The ad itself is intense, but nothing I'd ban in an era where people in commercials get hit by buses and falling chandeliers for comedic effect. Although, to nitpick, shouldn't a frightened victim of cyberbullying be stitching her fingers together?

—Posted by David Kiefaber