M&C Saatchi’s BA gallery

We don’t spend a lot of quality time cruising the Web site for M&C Saatchi, so we’re probably late noticing this: an extraordinary defense-by-advertising on the site that uses the work the Saatchis have done for British Airways over the course of 25 years as proof—never stated, yet understood—of why the agency shouldn’t have been fired and why you, dear potential new client, might consider hiring it. You can get to the BA retrospective here, or by going to the home page, where there’s a message in the bottom left corner that says “For details on British Airways and M&C Saatchi, click here.” It includes a timeline and a gallery, with Quicktime video, of print, television and cinema ads. We’re not used to seeing such tactical use of a site when the situation calls for it, so it’s refreshing to see a shop deliver a message much more potent than the usual boilerplate statement of dismay upon losing a client. We do have one quibble: The timeline stops short of actually stating that the agency and client have parted ways, which is particularly disingenuous given the headlines the split generated. But let’s be honest. There are plenty of agencies whose relationship with the truth is tenuous.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor