MBT’s Anti-Shoe, staunchly pro-irreverence

Kastner & Partners sent me some ads for MBT’s "Anti-Shoe." They made a point, right in the e-mail’s subject line, of noting that the campaign is “irreverent.” They also noted that Kastner is “known for its irreverent ‘Red Bull Gives You Wiiings’ campaign.” Irreverence, clearly, is important to these people. Frankly, it’s a quality that’s overrated—just like the Red Bull ads. I’m as irreverent as they come, and it’s never done a thing for me. This ad begins, “Shoes are weapons of mass destruction.” (See a larger version here.) Another execution claims, “The shoe is dead.” That’s edgy stuff. Does Adidas still make Stan Smiths? Those were awesome sneakers.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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