The Maytag Man Is a Precision Clone in This Goofy, Patriotic New Ad

Assembly-line dependability

Maytag doesn't just make washing machines in the U.S. It makes people.

Lots and lots of very zen Maytag Men, to be precise. A new ad from agency DigitasLBi (along with production company Motion Theory and director Mathew Cullen) shows the appliance brand's famous mascot—that is, the 2014 macho reincarnate edition—taking form, assembly-line style.

Set at the company's factory in Marion, Ohio, the ad also features real Maytag employees, and a giant American flag. It's like a hyper-patriotic sci-fi comedy, where the clones are all the same affable guy who wants to fix your stuff (but sorry, it's so well built it never breaks).

Actually, the Maytag guy stands in for the products themselves here—he's no longer just the guy who wants to repair them—which is a little dissonant at first, though the final visual clears everything up.

It's pretty silly, but in an appropriately vanilla kind of way. "What's inside matters," proclaims the tagline. And apparently, what's inside is a fake human—which doesn't seem like the most efficient or comfortable way to wash clothes in 2015.

It does explain why the dude is so chiseled, though.

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