Maybe she should have left a long time ago

It might be time to admit that the American public doesn’t really care who reads the news off the Teleprompter in the morning. Apparently, Today, NBC’s morning infotainment show (I hesitate to call any of them “news,” especially after seeing a montage from a PR agency—you know who you are—hyping the Maytag Man at morning shows across the country), actually gained viewers on its closest competitor, ABC’s enter-mation show Good Morning America, after the exit of Katie Couric. This according to Nielsen Media Research, which is closely related enough to AdFreak to keep us from marrying. Of course, CBS is still betting that “Ol’ Legs” (my nickname for Couric) will be able to raise ratings in the evening. (My guess: doubtful. She’s still not as cute as Jon Stewart.) Speaking of the Eye, now comes word that Dan Rather is leaving the network that pushed him out. Apparently, CBS will air a prime-time special about Rather’s career at some point in the future. Maybe we can get a goodbye song from Connie Chung.

—Posted by Aaron Baar

Credit: MSNBC