Matthew McConaughey Leads a March for #TeamEarth in Salesforce Spot

The ad builds on the company’s Super Bowl sustainability campaign

Software company Salesforce unveiled a #TeamEarth sustainability platform at the Super Bowl with brand partner Matthew McConaughey advocating for business leaders to work on helping our planet rather than dreaming up ways to retreat to Mars or the metaverse. The company has partnered with the Academy Award-winning actor again ahead of Thanksgiving for “The March,” a new 60-second spot encouraging business leaders to prioritize sustainability.

“In ‘New Frontier”’ we reminded the world that planet Earth is still our office of choice,” the star said in a statement, “and now with “The March” we are offering value based behaviors that businesses can put into practice.

The ad opens with McConaughey watching bleak news about the global climate crisis on the TV in a laundromat before clapping to rally the people there to a march down the street. He delivers rhyming lines like “As businesses we can blame or shame or we can make a change” as his crowd grows to incorporate executives, construction workers, children and even a full basketball team who join him and complete his sentences as he delivers a message focused on helping communities, prioritizing conservation and creating equal opportunities.

(Captions for the video have not been made available to Adweek. We will update the video once captions have been provided.)Salesforce

The ad never mentions what Salesforce actually does as a business. Instead, it focuses the bulk of its energy on the overall message of sustainability.

Said McConaughey, “‘The March’ speaks to the idea that we live in times where preservation of resources is essential to true long term progress and where our livelihood is our business. The messaging of the spot reminds us that we have to renegotiate and recalibrate what we consider valuable investments–whether that’s the planet, the opportunities our children will have, or the ways in which we treat each other daily.”

Join Team Earth

The work directs viewers to the Team Earth Now website, a new campaign website that went live on Wednesday. It will host the spot along with an invitation to join the Team Earth community on LinkedIn. There, users can see Earth imagined as a company boasting about its team of 8 billion people, spotlights key products like water and sharing “new work” in the form of recently discovered species.

Salesforce has previously used the #TeamEarth platform to tout the company’s inclusivity and emissions goals and provide resources for other businesses looking to combat unconscious bias, fund entrepreneurs focused on combating climate change or build their own climate action plans.


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