Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Kimmel Made 3 Local TV Ads for an Austin Video Store

For when you really need Hot Dog on VHS

Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Kimmel have taken it upon themselves to get some attention for an old-school video store in Austin, Texas, and they've created three hilarious local TV ads to accomplish this mission.

Vulcan Video is the kind of store that still rents VHS tapes, yet it has somehow managed to hang on in the digital age. Since Kimmel was in Austin for SXSW anyway, he decided to give back to the local economy by showing them what's special about Vulcan Video—"other than the fact that it still exists." (Vulcan was one of many submissions Kimmel received aftering putting out a call for a local business to promote.) 

So Kimmel called up locally based actor McConaughey to help by playing a role that's, in part, an amalgamation of meta references to his past characters. It's also clear that Kimmel's writers wanted to parody McConaughey's inexplicable, rambling Lincoln ads. Particularly in the third spot when McConaughey says, "No. 1, I like to drive; No. 2, I like to talk to myself when I drive."

Vulcan Video is one lucky store to get three unforgettable, amusing spots that are doing their part to keep Austin weird.

Via Mashable.