Matt Dillon Infomercial Shows You How to Kill Fish With Guns

"Ya love the fresh air. Ya love the great outdoors. And ya love to maximize your fish kill." Matt Dillon gamely tackles such lines, and angles for sales, as doofus pitchman Daytona Dan Jackson in this Funny or Die clip touting a huge gun and grenades as replacements for rods and reels. A drawling, weapon-toting, fishing-obsessed hick in Florida? How is this a parody? Anyway, I thought Dillon acquitted himself quite well for a guy with no acting talent or comedic skills. But many of the commenters weren't hooked. One calls the bit a tired retread of Jimbo's schtick on South Park. Another notes, with a disturbing lack of irony, that "a gun would actually be pretty useless for fishing … but the grenade would definitely work." There's also this advice from a Michael Bay wannabe: "Have fish jumping out of the water. And then use stock footage for the explosion from the grenade. … Accidentally sink a boat. Have swimmers swimming for their lives. Etc." Now, that dude knows how to tell a whopper!