Match’s Satan Returns to Wreak Havoc on Big Wireless Customers in New Mint Mobile Ad

Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort created the spot for budget cell carrier

After falling in love with 2020 last year, Satan was inspired to get back out on the job market, too.
Mint Mobile

Last year was a big year for Satan—he found love.

And while his whirlwind affair with 2020 might be over, it left a lasting impact. Renewed and inspired, the Prince of Darkness resolved this year to find fresh new ways to foster his personal happiness through the relentless torment of humans. To start, he got a job at Big Wireless.

“These guys torture people on a whole other level,” the devil himself chuckles. “I’m learning so much.”

Mint Mobile vs. Big Wireless

Shot like an episode of The Office, the spot includes executives like the vp of fee hiking singing Satan’s praises, and a boardroom erupting in laughter when the devil walks in to ironically ask, “Is this customer service?”

“It’s funny because there is none,” the vp of customer frustration says between peels of giggles. Later, she ruminates on Big Wireless’ luck in snagging Satan for the role when he could’ve easily found a position at the DMV, the IRS or in Congress.

Then, the ad narrows in on the real threat to Big Wireless: Mint Mobile. As the vp of extended contracts explains, the devil developed a strategy to stop the flow of customers from Big Wireless to Mint—simply raise prices and use the money for a big ad campaign. “It’s a win-win,” Satan explains. “We win twice.”

A Reynoldsphere crossover

The ad is the brainchild of actor and marketer Ryan Reynolds, whose Maximum Effort production studio was also behind Satan’s advertising debut for online dating company Match, where Reynolds serves on the board.

In a Reynoldsphere crossover, the King of Hell is now starring in a spot for Mint Mobile, a company the actor bought in late 2019 with the goal of disrupting the industry through high-quality customer service, plans starting at $15 per month and—of course—some clever, dry-humored brand marketing tactics.

Match didn’t have any problem lending the devil to Mint for the campaign, according to vp of brand for Match Ayni Raimondi. “We unsurprisingly don’t mind that he’s no longer in the dating pool,” she said.

But coming off the Match gig and Lil Nas X partnership, Satan is on fire right now, Reynolds noted. As Maximum Effort likes to “break new ground,” he said, “having Satan find professional success at Big Wireless right after finding love on Match was so appealing.”

“I like to think of it as my own personal MCU—the Mephistopheles Commercial Universe,” Reynolds added.

Dealing with your mobile carrier doesn’t have to be hellish

Since Reynolds took over creative direction for the brand, its ads have consistently poked fun at competitors’ pricing, ad spend and business models with the actor himself often front and center.

Last year, a series of Mint Mobile ads featured Reynolds simply standing in a field of mint talking to different guests, including the 2019 national teacher of the year, a descendant of Paul Revere and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids actor Rick Moranis. To help explain 5G to fans, Reynolds brought Mint Mobile’s head of technology out to the mint field.

But the new spot, “Hell on Earth,” addresses something more specific, according to Mint Mobile CMO Aron North.

“One of our biggest challenges is people have just gotten used to how Big Wireless treats them,” North said, noting that the Mint Mobile team immediately agreed to use the devil for this ad, which will run on TV, digital and social.

“This seemed like such a fun way to loudly let people know there’s another option for premium wireless.”

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