crusades against ‘bachelorism’

Lots of guys might disagree that bachelorhood—or bachelorism, as it’s called in this new ad campaign for—is a disease. But these ads are aimed at women, many of whom aren’t going to argue with that. The faux-medical campaign, from Hanft Raboy and Partners, is launching in People magazine and sends readers to, which explains “the silent epidemic” in further detail (and also has the registration section front and center). Another ad in the series has the headline, “How to Recognize Bachelorism,” and advises women to look out for men whose dogs have a woman’s name, who have iron burns on their shirts, and who eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner. The tagline is, “You are the cure.” Which would seem to suggest that women who join’s crusade should get ready to do a whole lot of ironing and cooking.

—Posted by Tim Nudd