MasterCard also honors hockey’s big losers

As I’ve noted, I dislike it when ads use tough-guy sports metaphors. MacLaren McCann’s Bobby Orr spot for MasterCard was a rare exception, because I can identify with Orr. I know how he feels sitting alone in that locker room. Hey, they never even picked me for the team, pal. And this was singles tennis. As for his many scars, I too have felt pain: some wedgies never heal. Which brings me to another ad in the same series, "Pep Talk," which I also enjoyed. You know why? Because those beefy skate-heads are losers. They’re trailing at halftime, or whatever they call it in hockey, and will likely go down to humiliating defeat. They’ll get cut, lose their mansions, yachts and trophy wives. I’ll still be here! I may be the nerdy assistant manager lugging their filthy gear to the laundry, but there’s a twinkle in my eye and a spring in my step. Sure, I trip and end up nose-first in a pile of sweaty jockstraps, but it’s worth it. I still have a job.

—Posted by David Gianatasio