Massimo d’Amore and a shaken-up PepsiCo

BusinessWeek has a look at the sturm and drang inside PepsiCo's marketing ranks since Massimo d'Amore took over as CEO of the company's Americas Beverages unit 16 months ago. The former engineer, who for a CEO has an unusually high amount of hands-on control of marketing, even helped Peter Arnell create and edit the SoBe Michael Jackson "Thriller" spot with Naomi Campbell and the dancing lizards. The article relates how d'Amore increasingly shut out his own marketing execs in favor of Arnell, with one Pepsi exec calling the experience "d'Amoralizing." There are some good inside details, like those describing a top Pepsi strategy meeting between PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Noovi, d'Amore and Arnell—again, no Pepsi marketing execs were present—where Noovi said she wanted Pepsi's can to become a design icon akin to an iPod. Arnell would come out of the meeting gushing about how the brand needed to "reparticipate in popular culture." This is a good read about d'Amore's self-described "big bang" with PepsiCo's most valued brand assets and the outsiders lighting that fuse.

—Posted by Noreen O'Leary