Mass. governor’s race is becoming a circus

Political ads are getting weirder in the race for governor in Massachusetts. The spot above, from independent Christy Mihos, won’t be accused of excess subtlety. And this morning we hear that Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey, a Republican candidate, has angered some Democrats by using their recorded praise of her in a campaign ad. The Dems want Healey to pull the spot, in which they applaud her tough stance on crime—sound bites recorded after Healey signed a new sex-offender law. I think the Dems are missing the point on two counts: 1) Nobody ever heard of you guys before this, so send Healey a note of thanks. She’s turned you into play-ahs. 2) If you hold a press conference to complain, don’t praise Healey again. This may lead Healey to create a second ad. In fact, she’s planning on doing just that. Which means … you’ll be in the headlines again. Hey, maybe the Dems aren’t so naive after all. A footnote: Mihos’ biggest problem, by the way, is his nickname. Christy. If he spelled it “Kristy,” that would be OK, because people would think of Krusty from The Simpsons, and he might get some votes. “Christophe” also works, as locals would assume he was from some far-off exotic land, like Methuen. He should try Dutch, Ike or Dubya. Yes, they’re all Republicans. But at least they won elections. By the way, Deval Patrick, who won the state’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, has a pretty cool name. (If it’s really “Patrick Deval” and he switched it around, that was genius.) I’m savoring the Boston Herald headlines in advance: “Deval Gives Rivals Hell.” “Deval-ishly Clever Gov. Outfoxes Senate.” In this era, the most mediagenic candidate deserves to win. Congratulations, Gov. Patrick!

—Posted by David Gianatasio