The Martin Agency Celebrates 'Lincoln' Extras in Civil War Style Portraits

Vintage hairstyles, modern dress

Richmond, Va., was a funny place to be when Steven Spielberg was in town shooting Lincoln. Extras from the movie could be seen walking around town in their regular modern-day clothing, but with old-time beards and hairstyles fashioned for the film. Seeing this, Anya Mills, a senior art producer at The Martin Agency, and local photographer Adam Ewing had a fun idea: Why not shoot Civil War style portraits of them? That's just what they did—creating 14 photos in the style of Mathew Brady, the 19th-century photographer known for his portraits and other scenes of the Civil War. The Martin Agency organized a gallery exhibit last Thursday, where more than 250 people, including some cast members from the movie, had a look at the photos. See a bunch more below.