Mars Bar (Finally) Brings Together Dogs, Pan Pipes and the Miami Vice Soundtrack

Candy brands seem to be in an escalating war of weirdness

In case you doubted that absurdist advertising is now the go-to approach for candy companies, this new spot for Mars Bar should be a good reminder.

Created by U.K. agency AMV BBDO, "Winning" features a soulless ginger who's trained his dog to jump, only to be outdone by the guy with a Mars Bar.

The ad hits all the typical checkpoints for a modern zany ad: funny animals, a surreal punch line that takes too long to deliver and a retro reference to the 1980s (the song is Crockett's Theme from Miami Vice).

"Winning" isn't a bad effort, even if it is built around an Internet term that quickly wore out its welcome four years ago.