Mariah to record ringtones for Pepsi

Mariahpepsi_2 What?! Mariah Carey is the world’s top-selling female artist? That seems hard to believe. I would have guessed her, or even her. Anyway, Pepsi is tapping in to that power, having signed Carey to write and record 20 original cell phone ringtones through Motorola. What is it about Mariah Carey? Any other singer in the world who made a film as bad as this, had her boyfriend dump her, had a nervous breakdown, then returned years later to have an album go five times platinum would be a hero. But Mariah’s got something intrinsically unlikable about her, despite her impressive vocal range. Maybe because all her songs sound the same and most, I believe, contain the phrase “my baby.” Also because her overtanned body keeps growing, yet her clothes keep shrinking, so she’s starting to look like Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk. In any case, the promotion starts in May and will coincide with Mariah’s first tour in three years.

—Posted by Celeste Ward