Margaret Johnson Reveals Her 3 Favorite Ads, and Who Inspires Her Creatively Today

A stunt, a social experiment and a Super Bowl crowd pleaser

The latest installment of our “Best Ads Ever” video series features Margaret Johnson, the chief creative officer at Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco.

Asked to pick her favorite ads ever, Johnson chose three very different pieces, from a traditional spot to a long-form mini-doc to a daring, otherworldly stunt. What ties them together? Perhaps a sense of wonder and authenticity—and just plain fun.

She also reveals the person who’s been most inspiring to her creatively lately, and you might not be too surprised about who it is. (She’s a pop star who’s come up before in other videos we’ve done lately.)

For more from Johnson, check out this interview we did with her in Cannes back in June. And also check out Jeff Goodby’s Best Ads Ever video here.