Marco’s Pizza Says It Is What Competitors Aren’t: Italian

Growing chain takes swipe at the Big Three

Marco's Pizza serves authenticity by the slice as it zings the category kingpins in new TV ads by agency MGH in Baltimore. One spot informs us, "The founders of America's three biggest pizza companies come from the Midwest. Marco's founder is also from the Midwest—of Italy." Another states, "The founders of America's three biggest pizza companies might have an Italian car, an Italian suit, or an Italian sofa. But the founder of Marco's Pizza has an Italian birth certificate." Hmm . . . has anyone checked into the green card status of Marco's Pasquale Giammarco? I'm starting to think he wasn't born over here. Jokes aside, this low-budget foray does a good job separating Marco's from the pack, which is good, since the chain is reportedly looking to grow from 260 stores to more than 1,500. My only beef? The enthusiastically misspelled tagline, "Ah!thentic Italian Pizza," is more ah!ful than ah!some.

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