Marble maze is piece of cake in Nissan ads

Marblemaze_2 I had one of these marble-maze toys when I was a kid, and if there’s a more frustrating game out there, I have yet to play it. But the guy in this new Nissan viral from TBWA\Tequila seems to have it pretty well licked. There’s a second video, also fun to watch, though even more bogus-looking than the first, that features the same guy driving a Nissan Rogue, with the marble game taped to the passenger seat. This time, in clear violation of several dozen traffic laws, he uses the movements of the car to send the marble around the maze. The virals tie into a 60-second Rogue spot that aired during NBC’s Heroes last night (though doesn’t seem to be online yet). In the ad, a whole city is built on a marble maze, and only the Rogue manages to avoid all the giant potholes. Nissan is using Heroes as the central hub of a multi-pronged marketing campaign for the Rogue launch. Read more here.

—Posted by Tim Nudd