This Map of the U.S. Shows the Most Googled Brand in Each State

Some surprises, some old favorites

Like it or not, your surroundings inform the special little bubble you live in. Just when you thought you couldn't be stereotyped, well, here are some handy maps that define each state by the brands they Google the most.

The results are pretty fascinating, too, from the obvious to the surprising. I had no idea Grand Marnier was so popular in Delaware, or that American Eagle was so in vogue among West Virginians. Less surprising results are Microsoft in Washington and Disney in Florida.

Where it gets super interesting is when competing brands bubble up in adjacent states, like Jose Cuervo and Patron in Arizona and New Mexico, or Dodge and Chevrolet in Montana and North Dakota. 

Finance company Direct Capital actually created three maps—showing the top three Googled brands in each state. Check them out below, and see the interesting juxtapositions that happen when geography and culture collide.

Via Design Taxi / Brand New / Direct Capital.


Most Googled brand in each state:


Second-most Googled brand in each state:


Third-most Googled brand in each state:


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