Man’s Animated Tattoo Brought to You by Ballantine’s Whisky

Tat-vertising seems to be all the rage. People get some sort of twisted pleasure from watching other people permanently etch crap on their bodies on behalf of brands. (It's probably a mix of awe and superiority.) Regardless, the genre may be the closest thing to a guaranteed viral advertising stunt. Cue this hairy guy, who appears to have had a design with a QR code inked onto his chest so that whiskey seller Ballantine's could rest an iPhone on him and claim to have made the first-ever animated tattoo. However, it looks like they were beaten to the punch. Oh well. There's always the glimmer of hope that, like the Dutch woman who turned out not to have gotten a tattooed sleeve of profile pictures of 152 Facebook friends, this one might be a fake, too. We're not betting on it, but worse comes to worst, there's always laser removal.