Manning Brothers Channel The Lonely Island for DirecTV

Introducing 'Football on Your Phone,' the song

Step right up, folks, and feel yourself getting gleefully dumber as you watch this new DirecTV Sunday Ticket ad posing as a bad rap video. Dubbed "Football on Your Phone," it stars Eli and Peyton Manning as slack-jawed versions of themselves. At first you'll hate it, but then you won't be able to stop watching. After a couple minutes of rubbernecking, you'll see Eli burst through a large portrait of Alexander Graham Bell and realize you've been beaten about the head with stupidity to the point that you can't help but laugh. In other words, it's like a lazy ripoff of The Lonely Island. Then again, if they'd tried too hard, it probably wouldn't work at all. And it's really pretty great. Agency: Grey, New York. Full credits after the jump.


Agency: Grey Group

Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren

Executive Creative Director: Dan Kelleher

Vice Presidents, Creative Directors: Doug Fallon, Steven Fogel

Executive Producer: Andrew Chinich

Associate Producer: Lindsay Myers

Production Company: Hungry Man

Director: Bryan Buckley

Executive Producers: Kevin Byrne, Dan Duffy, Mino Jajoura

Producer: Jay Shapiro

Editing Company: Cosmo Street Editorial

Editor: Tom Scherma

Producer: Heather Richardson

Music: Butter Music & Sound

Executive Producer: Ian Jeffreys

Creative Director: Andrew Sherman

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