Manhattan Mini Storage insults half of NYC

Manhattan Mini Storage ads are always good for a chuckle. For years now, the NYC storage company has taken pride in its cheeky, often topical billboards and mass-transit ads. (You can see a collection of them on its Facebook page.) Now, the spring 2011 ads are out—and what’s this? An execution making fun of the Mets? Those same Mets whose fans comprise a huge portion of MMS’s potential target market? MMS must be counting on Mets fans to have a sense of humor—something that’s not, in my experience, necessarily guaranteed. Mets fans, please sound off in the comments—do you think this ad is actually funny? (There’s also the question of which six other teams they’re referring to—certainly the Yankees, Knicks and Rangers, who play in the city, plus probably the Giants, Jets and Islanders, who have “New York” in their name.) A bunch more new ads are posted after the jump. One makes fun of Des Moines, which is more like what you’d expect. Another has the headline, “Remember, if you leave the city, you’ll have to live in America”—one of most quintessential New York headlines you’ll ever see. Then there’s this humorous quip: “If you watch Hoarders and wonder what the big deal is …” Well played, Manhattan Mini Storage. Now, go buy an apology board at Citi Field.

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