Man Who Supposedly Lived in the Astor Place Cube Is Just an Ad for Something

Thinkmodo stunt

Surprise. That video about a guy living inside the giant metal cube at Astor Place was a marketing stunt all along. And by surprise, we mean, of course, duh. No New Yorker could live in that thing—it's way too big.

Still, a couple of bloggers got suckered into writing about the documentary-style spot as though it might be true. Maybe if they'd been real journalists they would have viewed it with more skepticism. Just kidding. Real journalists are super gullible, too.

Other, rational people, meanwhile, instantly recognized the clip—which features a writer supposedly crammed into a DIY hipster's version of a collapsible Ikea home—as an ad. For what? Nothing you've ever heard of: Whil, which is a free, anti-technology meditation technique created by the founders of Lululemon Athletica. Now you've heard of it, so we guess the spot, created by the viral ad pranksters at Thinkmodo, worked.

The video itself is kind of charming. The 60-second meditation technique, meant to be quick and easy for anyone to practice, also sounds nice. But really … who has the time for that?