Man Uses Grappling Hook and Rope to Flee Michael Wolff in USA Today Ad

'This is off the record!'

USA Today has begun promoting several columnists in short YouTube videos—the most entertaining of which stars Michael Wolff, erstwhile Adweek editor and current writer for USA Today's Money section. In the spot, Wolff's takes-no-prisoners reputation has one suit literally running scared—he uses a grappling hook and rope to flee his office building upon hearing that the columnist has arrived and wants a word. Alas, they meet on the sidewalk, and the man barks, "This is off the record!"—as Wolff, nonplussed, silently tries to comprehend the man's desperation. The voiceover, echoed in on-screen copy, says: "Read Michael Wolff. And thank your lucky stars he's not writing about you." Commercial acting—is it everything Wolff expected and more? "All in a day's shamelessness," he tells AdFreak. See the paper's ads for columnists Christine Brennan and Susan Page below.

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