Man Takes Advantage of Netflix Streaming, Watches 252 Films in a Month

Mark Malkoff logs 404.25 hours of movies

Mark Malkoff, who must not have anything remotely resembling a job, has followed up previous stunts involving Ikea (where he once lived for a week) and Starbucks (he visited 171 of them in a single day) with another ludicrous feat. From April 16 to May 15, he used Netflix unlimited streaming to watch more movies in a month than any customer in Netflix history. The grand total was 252 films spanning 404.25 hours. See his video documenting the whole thing below. Watching movies is fun and all, but Malkoff's stunt begins to sound like torture. His "highlights" feel more like lowlights:

• The first week he didn't leave his apartment for 155 hours.

• He sat through an estimated 29.4 hours of closing credits.

• He gained six pounds over the month.

• For his final day he watched 17 straight hours of Netflix films.

• Actor Andrew McCarthy did live in-person commentary for him on St. Elmo's Fire.

Malkoff points out that for Netflix's $7.99 a month fee, he ended up paying 3.2 cents per movie. ("Good thing there's unlimited Netflix streaming," he says. "Otherwise I would have had to subscribe to the 252-disc-at-a-time plan.") I suppose this counts as de facto marketing for Netflix, but more than anything, it just makes you want to take a long walk outdoors. Here's a complete list of all 252 films he watched.

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