Man’s toilet story goes down the toilet

Toilet_1It’s bad enough that a guy is suing Home Depot because he claims he was glued to the toilet seat in a Colorado store, but now it seems that he has a history of making the claim. That’s right. There is a man in Colorado, one Bob Dougherty, who apparently likes to claim that he has been glued to toilet seats. In the latest lawsuit, Dougherty, 57, claimed he was stuck on the toilet in a Louisville, Colo., store for 15 minutes despite cries for help. The Home Depot staff said they thought he was pulling a prank. After all, it was the day before Halloween. Dougherty wants $3 million for his pain and suffering and humiliation. He was recovering from heart-bypass surgery and the ordeal made him think he was having a heart attack, he said. He was removed, with the toilet seat still attached to his backside, from the story by emergency medical personnel who transported him to a hospital where the seat was detached. ”It’s not about the money,” he told the AP. “I want my health back. I want to be back to normal.” Whenever they say it isn’t about the money, it is about the money. He has less chance of convincing a jury after Ron Trzepacz, former director of operation for the town of Nederland, Colo., where Dougherty lives, said the man made a similar accusation against the town last summer. Dougherty claimed he was glued to a toilet seat in the town’s visitor center. Dougherty didn’t sue the town after officials inspected the seat and determined there was no glue on it.

—Posted by Jim Lovel