Man Proposes to Woman via Audio Ad on Pandora

OK, this is getting a little ridiculous

Nerdy couples are awesome. They do nerdy things for each other that cause both of them to squeal in delight. Recently this phenomenon has extended all the way up to nerdy marriage proposals. We've seen the infographic proposal, the crowdsourced Photoshop meme proposal and the Web banner-ad proposal. Now, a man with an apparent appreciation for radio commercials has proposed via Pandora ad—with the audio professionally recorded by a voice actress. The guy offers a play by play over on his Tumblr. He writes: "She heard her name, and then heard it again, and she started picking up things in the car because she thought I was playing a joke on her … then she realized that this was actually happening and she just looked at me in awe with a smile on her face. When the ad ended with a pause I said, 'I know this isn't the most traditional proposal, but Maggie, will you marry me?' " Awww. Hear the audio after the jump. Via @VanHoven.