Man proposes to girlfriend with bus-stop ad


We recently saw a guy propose to his girlfriend with online banner ads. But for Eric Anderson of Chicago, that's too high-tech. Anderson placed his own ad last week asking his girlfriend, Rachel Clark, to marry him—but he went with old-school media, plastering the message on the bus shelter where Clark catches her ride to work each morning. See the ad here. The copy reads: "Rachel! I love you! Let's be a team forever! Will you marry me? xoxo Eric." Thanks to a kind-hearted rep at the outdoor company, Anderson got a discounted rate on the ad, which featured, along with the big question, the symbols of a heart (for love), the scales of justice (Clark is a lawyer), a cog (Anderson is an engineer) and a knot—which will indeed be tied, as Clark said yes. "At first I was afraid it wouldn't be very romantic—it's a bus station," Clark tells the Chicago Tribune. "But I mentioned it to her sister and my cousin, and they were both excited about it. I had two women who liked it, so I went with it."

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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