Man mugged for watch stars in ad for watch

This is pretty badass. Formula One racing boss Bernie Ecclestone was recently attacked by four muggers who stole his pricey Hublot watch, among other things. Ecclestone, 80, who was badly beaten, called up the company and suggested they shoot him for an ad. The tagline is, "See what people will do for a Hublot." (See the full image after the jump.) Hublet CEO Jean-Claude Biver tells the BBC: "He told us, 'Please use it to make an advertising campaign because I want to show that I'm courageous.' I thought, 'Wow, this guy has some guts.' It is also a protestation against violence that we are all afraid of today." UPDATE: Not everyone appreciates the ad. "Everyone reacts differently to crime," a Victim Support spokesman told the BBC. "Although it appears Bernie Ecclestone can make light of the incident and get on with his life, for many victims of mugging the impact can be devastating, leaving them fearful to leave the house and unable to move on. Hublot is a luxury brand which seems to be making light of crime in order to sell a product, and this advert could be seen as insensitive to victims who are not in a similar position to Bernie."

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