Man Mocks Up His Résumé to Look Like an Amazon Product Page

'Only 1 left in stock. Order soon'

Web product manager Philippe Dubost took his résumé to strange new places by turning it into a fake product page. The online résumé presents him as a shoppable item ("Only 1 left in stock") with breathable packaging, no additional shipping costs, and—if his headshot is accurate—one of the more punchable faces I've seen in my life. And no, ladies, you can't add him to your wedding registry—even though there's a button for that. Dubost's experiment has paid off handsomely, and not just in that useless "get people talking" way, either. Dude's been fielding a lot of job offers thanks to this. Maybe he should set up an eBay résumé where potential employers can make official bids on him.