Man With Large Butt Struts and Twerks in 7-Inch Heels in Barmy British Ad

MoneySuperMarket's latest lunacy

Some ads tug at the heartstrings and move viewers to tears. The newest spot for the British price comparison website MoneySuperMarket is not one of those.

Dave steps out of his car in a jacket and tie. "Don'tcha" by the Pussycat Dolls starts playing. And we see that Dave is wearing super tight shorts and impossibly high stilettos, as he struts down the street in celebration of his newly found savings thanks to MoneySuperMarket.

He twerks. He swerves. He drops it down low and brings it up slow. Most impressive, I think, is his ability to work that sidewalk in 7-inch heels, a task many women can't do without looking like a newborn foal learning to walk.

It's narrated by Sharon Osbourne, who also makes a cameo at the end, but Dave and his butt are obviously the stars of the show.

Following its ad last year where an elephant sashayed down a busy street, MoneySuperMarket nails silly and ridiculous and entertaining in one fell swoop (or depending on how you feel about the term, slut drop).